Things Worth Bearing In Mind Regarding The Police Challenge Coin

The police coins have a history behind them on how they came to be and at the same time how they became popular. In the past, the police challenge coins were usually used by the Romans who rewarded the soldiers after which the military embraced the practice. Today, there are law enforcement challenge coins that have become more popular. In most cities, it is wise noting that there is the creation of the challenge coins that they are easily using to reward both women and men in uniform.

Air force challenge coins are small in size and on them, there is a logo, insignia or the motto that helps in the identification of the owner’s coin in a particular group. In the military, most of these people are not aware of how the challenge coin become popular. There are people who believe that the coin came to be during the first world war. Others believe that the coin was used more so during the Korean and Vietnam wars. After these coins became popular, they were later adopted by the government as well as the law enforcement agencies. This is all because most of the veterans chose a career in law enforcement after services.

The size, as well as the design of the police challenge coins, has with time evolved a point worth bearing in mind. In the past, the coin was an inch in diameter, and this size has changed with time. Today the challenge coin come in different sizes and shapes. Anytime you are designing the challenge coin; you need to bear it in mind that you can design it as per your desire. The only requirement is to make sure the core message on the coin is consistent across all the marketing as well as the community.

One thing you need to know about the police challenge coin is that there are not offered to people in a ceremony, but rather, one gets the coin as a way of a handshake. A coin can be a good form of telling a story that bonds the unit. The officers offered the police challenge coin tend to display them at some important places. Anytime they are asked about the coin; they will always say they have it. In any unit, bear it in mind that the police challenge coins are used to bond over events or even projects. The members can understand that they belong and are part of a specific group, an aspect that makes them remember something special. Get more facts about challenge coins at

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