Benefits of Corporate Challenge Coins

A corporate challenge coin is a medallion that bears the name and logo of an organization and is awarded to an employee, department, team or even organization on the achievement of a particular thing. Corporate challenge coins have very high significance to the organization and its workers. Below are the many advantages of corporate challengeContinue reading “Benefits of Corporate Challenge Coins”

Things You Should Know When Buying Police Challenge Coins

The police challenge coins have been used for a long time as a sign of appreciation for the officers who have accomplished certain tasks. With the growing significance of these coins, there has been an increase in the number of manufacturers. The quality of the coins matters a lot so before you decide to orderContinue reading “Things You Should Know When Buying Police Challenge Coins”

Things Worth Bearing In Mind Regarding The Police Challenge Coin

The police coins have a history behind them on how they came to be and at the same time how they became popular. In the past, the police challenge coins were usually used by the Romans who rewarded the soldiers after which the military embraced the practice. Today, there are law enforcement challenge coins thatContinue reading “Things Worth Bearing In Mind Regarding The Police Challenge Coin”

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